Highlighting the bright global image of the Two Holy Mosques, and showing the true values ​​of Islam and Muslims. Spreading the teachings and values ​​of Islam by improving the message of the Two Holy Mosques. Ensure that the two great mosques are a moderate and moderate platform to spread the message and tolerance of Islam. Highlighting the bright civilized image of the teachings of Islam and Muslim morals. Activating the roles of the Sacred Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, both scientific and indicative. Highlighting the efforts of the state - may God preserve him - in its pioneering services and great efforts in the Two Holy Mosques. Upgrading the performance of the presidency and developing its business system to perform its hoped-for role in order to achieve the aspirations of the rulers and may God grant them success. Developing the work environment to raise the level of the quality of all services in the two Holy Mosques. Harnessing the media, means of communication and technology in highlighting the message of the Two Holy Mosques, coordinating the role of the voluntary community in serving the Two Holy Mosques.